Momentum for the Public Sector

Momentum Novum works together with national, regional, and local governments as well as public administrations around the world on finding ways to mainstream sustainable development in their policies, practices, and projects. We offer our support and assistance in the development, advancement, and implementation processes.

Consulting and Project Support 

We help you to assess how sustainable your institute is, make specific recommendations on how it can improve, and directly support you with implementing a variety of projects. We have large experience in a variety of sectors, such as for example improving energy and material efficiency, changing organizational habits or creating more open and sustainable work environments.

Workshops and Leadership Training

We know how important it is for government officials and public servants to remain up to date, especially when it comes to sustainable development. Momentum Novum offers a variety of workshops and training sessions that focus on subjects such as effective leadership and communication with regard to sustainable development. These skills workshops can address specific topics contained in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the concept of sustainable development as a whole.

Our workshops foster creative thinking and are hands-on. We use various methods and tools such as design thinking, scenarios, simulations, learning games, and world café formats. Additionally, depending on the city of choice for the workshop and your interests, they may also include visits to sustainable businesses, startups, or other locations.