Momentum for Business

We are here to empower your business to increase your revenue, save costs, and improve your customer satisfaction and public image through making your business more sustainable.

Sustainability Assessments and Consulting

We look forward to supporting you with making your business more efficient and sustainable. Directly focusing on your specific goals, expectations, and needs, we can work with you on developing innovative solutions on how to increase your revenue, enhance your organisation’s efficiency, and make your business more sustainable. As a consequence, your organisation will both benefit economically and play a pivotal role for local and global societies. 

Innovative Methods and Techniques

It is our philosophy to use innovative methods and technologies that originate in research and can be adjusted to your organisation’s needs. We provide workshops, trainings, internal assessments, implementation support, and other solutions using diverse approaches, including design thinking, scenario planning, simulations, negotiation techniques, organisational habit management, deep work techniques, awareness campaigns, and marketing.

Rent a Momentum Staffer

Sometimes you need an extra hand for a specific project. Momentum Novum offers the opportunity of renting a staffer who can work with you in house on a sustainability idea or project of your choice, bringing all the knowledge and tools necessary for the job.