Our Momentum Ambassadors are the backbone of our representation and network across the world. They are volunteer representatives of our organisation who are active in various professional areas, including academia, politics, diplomacy, business, education, and media. Momentum Ambassadors represent our organisation at events across the globe and provide us with valuable insights and feedback from a great number of countries and regions, especially with regards to their culture, society, politics, economy, and current news. They receive regular training and constant feedback on their activities.

If you are interested in learning more about Momentum Ambassadors, please send us a message.

We are very proud of and grateful for the support of the following Momentum Ambassadors:

Felipe Ante

Quito, Ecuador

Advisor to the President at Universidad San Francisco de Quito and B.A. in International Relations

Elvin Blakaj

Pristina, Kosovo

Assistant Lecturer at ISPE College, Prishtina

David Godoy

S√£o Paulo, Brazil

Human Resources Analyst for Laureate International Universities

Maya Kazamel

Egypt and United Arab Emirates

Financial Analyst at Jones Lang LaSalle

Zack Parker

Edmonton, Canada

Supply Chain Planner working in Reverse Logistics

Sebastian Swoboda

Vienna, Austria

Master’s Student in export and internationalisation management at Vienna University of Business and Economics

Grace Moyo

South Africa and Zimbabwe

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate (Public Law), University of Cape Town

Asra Shakoor

London, United Kingdom

Specialist Policy Advisor at the UK Government

Wahid Watanyar

Heidelberg, Germany and Kabul, Afghanistan

PhD Candidate at the University of Heidelberg

Saeko Yoshimatsu

Kobe, Japan

Master’s Degree student in Intercultural Studies at Kobe University