At Momentum Novum, we are committed to operating our business in a socially responsible manner. With our variety of services, we directly support businesses and organisations in their efforts to become even more sustainable. Accordingly, both our clients and the general public vastly benefit from our work. Our clients save costs, increase their revenues, and contribute to international sustainable development. Everyone benefits from fewer greenhouse gas emissions, improved air quality, better public health, more inclusive and equal societies, and fewer security risks.

Our actions directly lead to more awareness of the grand challenges humanity is facing. We directly spread more knowledge about the opportunities of sustainable development and how these can be utilised by everyone to achieve individual and collective benefits. Additionally, we support those who want to contribute to making positive change possible, by consulting for and mentoring them, providing them with testing grounds for their initiatives, and giving them access to a global network of potential supporters.

Following the idea of spreading awareness, knowledge, and global action for sustainable development, Momentum Novum fosters the creation and expansion of startups in the field of sustainable development by providing them with conceptual support, consulting services, mentorship, and access to our valuable network. Moreover, we frequently invest in promising ideas to allow startups to develop more rapidly and sustainably.

By connecting sustainable development experts from all over the world, we are building momentum for sustainable development. We provide numerous possibilities for our network members to connect and exchange their ideas, including regularly hold events, and communication tools.

Since Momentum Novum is a social enterprise in many dimensions, we invest a portion of our revenue in social solutions for sustainable development. These include projects on renewable energy, sustainable housing, and migration.