At Momentum Novum, we believe in the power of cooperation, mutual respect, and learning from each other. With our strong roots in academia, our international network, and our common goal of fostering global change towards a better future for everyone, our philosophy is based on understanding the enormous global challenges humanity faces as not only problems, but also as great opportunities. To make use of these opportunities, we are convinced that existing methods and traditional thinking need to be constantly challenged.

In a highly complex and interdependent world, effective solutions can be created only through open-minded approaches and discussions, out-of-the-box thinking, great talent and expertise, and the willingness to work very hard to achieve our common goals. Accordingly, we believe in effective and efficient working processes, creative environments, and innovative ideas, whilst at the same time ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. We do not claim that we always have the best solution prepared before we even hear the problem, but we guarantee that we will work hard and efficiently until we have found the best possible solution with and for our partners.

We are convinced that the key to a better and sustainable future for everyone involves fully understanding the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development. Moreover, it is important to create solutions that are of great benefit to individuals, the economy, society, and the environment. In short, we are committed to advancing sustainable development, and we invite you to join us to create momentum for a better future for you and for the whole planet.