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Our new Podcast “Green is the New Black” empowers you to incorporate sustainability into your daily life. It is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. For questions, feel free to contact gtnb[at]momentumnovum.com


SDiA 2018

From 1 to 3 November 2018, we invite you to one of the most inspiring, historical, and sustainable cities in the world – Heidelberg, Germany! At Sustainable Development in Action (SDiA) 2018, you will learn more about different aspects of sustainable development and have the chance to start concrete actions towards a more sustainable world. Heidelberg, recipient of the European Sustainable City Award and the Global Green City Award, is the perfect location for our interdisciplinary conference on sustainable development.

SDiA 2018 will consist out of keynote speeches by national and international sustainability experts and influencers, thematic workshops on current global sustainability issues and their connections to the Sustainable Development Goals, and concrete action labs in which participants are trained and supported to develop their own sustainability projects and learn more about the future, such as startups for sustainable development, scenarios and simulations, media labs, consulting and policy paper workshops etc.

We have the honor to organise the SDiA in cooperation with the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE). For more information, including options to register for the conference, visit www.sdia.eu


Momentum Solutions

It is our goal to support organisations and individuals in their efforts to become more sustainable by offering numerous educational services, strategic and operational consulting services, and direct implementation support to businesses, the public sector, startups, and everyone who seeks to foster sustainable development. Further, we contribute to research on various issues in the area of sustainable development, and we consult and directly support our clients and partners with creating different media products related to sustainable development. Learn more about our solutions in the specific sectors by clicking on the logos below:


Momentum for the Public Sector

Momentum for the Public Sector

Momentum Novum works together with national, regional, and local governments as well as public administrations around the world on finding ways to mainstream sustainable development in their policies, practices, and projects. We offer our support and assistance in the development, advancement, and implementation processes.

Consulting and Project Support 

We help you to assess how sustainable your institute is, make specific recommendations on how it can improve, and directly support you with implementing a variety of projects. We have large experience in a variety of sectors, such as for example improving energy and material efficiency, changing organizational habits or creating more open and sustainable work environments.

Workshops and Leadership Training

We know how important it is for government officials and public servants to remain up to date, especially when it comes to sustainable development. Momentum Novum offers a variety of workshops and training sessions that focus on subjects such as effective leadership and communication with regard to sustainable development. These skills workshops can address specific topics contained in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the concept of sustainable development as a whole.

Our workshops foster creative thinking and are hands-on. We use various methods and tools such as design thinking, scenarios, simulations, learning games, and world café formats. Additionally, depending on the city of choice for the workshop and your interests, they may also include visits to sustainable businesses, startups, or other locations.


Momentum for Business

Momentum for Business

We are here to empower your business to increase your revenue, save costs, and improve your customer satisfaction and public image through making your business more sustainable.

Sustainability Assessments and Consulting

We look forward to supporting you with making your business more efficient and sustainable. Directly focusing on your specific goals, expectations, and needs, we can work with you on developing innovative solutions on how to increase your revenue, enhance your organisation’s efficiency, and make your business more sustainable. As a consequence, your organisation will both benefit economically and play a pivotal role for local and global societies. 

Innovative Methods and Techniques

It is our philosophy to use innovative methods and technologies that originate in research and can be adjusted to your organisation’s needs. We provide workshops, trainings, internal assessments, implementation support, and other solutions using diverse approaches, including design thinking, scenario planning, simulations, negotiation techniques, organisational habit management, deep work techniques, awareness campaigns, and marketing.

Rent a Momentum Staffer

Sometimes you need an extra hand for a specific project. Momentum Novum offers the opportunity of renting a staffer who can work with you in house on a sustainability idea or project of your choice, bringing all the knowledge and tools necessary for the job. 


Momentum for Education

Momentum for Education

We are here to empower young leaders for sustainable development. Our educational services span from lectures and workshops on all areas of sustainable development to Momentum Action Labs in which everyone can develop concrete solutions towards a more sustainable world.

Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars

We believe that education for sustainable development is key to encouraging individuals and societies to work together towards a more sustainable world. Our educational services are designed to empower learners of any age, at all levels, and in all social contexts. Our tailor-made services will support you with developing new ideas, skills, and behaviours that are needed for sustainable actions, as well as with improving existing processes and structures. From one-day workshops, which cover the basic ideas and integral concepts of sustainable development, to entire seminars over the course of a semester, with specific action labs in which you have the opportunity to test and implement your ideas on sustainable development—we can work with you to find the perfect solution for your interests and needs.


We organise conferences on sustainable development in which participants have the opportunity to learn more about specific areas of sustainable development from the world’s top researchers in the field. Additionally, through our Momentum Action Labs, they can directly develop ideas for sustainable action and work on their implementation together with like-minded peers and through the support of Momentum Novum. We offer action labs on creating startups and producing different media formats, we conduct scenarios and simulations, and much more. 

Our 2018 conference will take place in Heidelberg, Germany. Click here to learn more about Momentum Heidelberg.

Consulting and Leadership Training

In addition to providing our own educational services, we support educational institutions, such as schools and universities, in becoming more sustainable themselves. Our services in this sector include, but are not limited to:

  • assessments and recommendations on how structures and processes can become more sustainable;
  • fostering new ideas for sustainable development with innovative methods, such as design thinking and scenario planning;
  • leadership training for teachers, researchers, and other actors in the education sector;
  • providing direct implementation support with jointly developed sustainability projects.

Momentum for Research

Academia is an essential pillar of innovation for sustainable development. Therefore, we conduct our own research and cooperate with the world's most renowned universities. In addition to publishing the results of our research in academic journals and books, the findings are directly integrated into our own consulting and education projects.

Another essential pillar of Momentum Novum’s activities is our very own research department, which conducts in-depth and up-to-date research in the field of sustainable development across a wide range of academic disciplines and supports our consulting and educational services with valuable insight. Accordingly, we can ensure that our services at all times reflect the current state of research on sustainable development. In addition to our own research, we regularly fund research projects on sustainable development conducted by universities and other research institutions, and we have numerous cooperation agreements with renowned universities.

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